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Cloudflare is set to speed up millions of web pages

Improve site load times and SEO with Signed Exchanges on Google Search. Cloudflare announces that its customers will be able to create Signed Exchanges (SXGs) for Google Search in just one click. Signed Exchanges is an open web platform specification that Google has created to make it easier to verify a cached version a website. This allows third parties like Google, news aggregators and other websites to deliver webpages faster. Linking to a SXG site will make your website load faster. Many search engines also use page load times to determine search results. Website owners will experience a nice SEO boost. Signed Exchanges Cloudflare has published a blog post entitled “Signed Exchange” that allows one to verify the source of a resource without regard to how it was delivered. This allows you to use a variety service such as prefetching and offline internet experiences. Signed Exchanges have the advantage of making content portable. The SXG allows third parties to easily distribute content while still ensuring that it is properly attributed and assured.

Before Signed Exchanges, a site could only distribute its content through a distributor. This was because the site had to share its SSL certificates. In the future, truly portable content can be used in new ways such as fully offline experiences. SXGs’ primary purpose is to make user experiences more efficient by making content easily accessible and cacheable. Google Search will cache, sometimes prefetch, SXGs. This means that sites that receive large amounts of traffic via Google’s search engine may benefit from the new open web platform specification. Cloudflare Pro and Business customers, as well as those who use the Advanced Platform Optimization product, will receive Automatic Signed Exchanges at no cost. Sign up now to join the Automatic Signed Exchange Beta Waitlist. Once approved, they will be able to activate SXGs by flipping a single switch.

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